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Save money by using our routine car maintenance option instead of a full service. In our cost-effective maintenance solution, out team of experts use the most sought-after diagnostic equipment on your vehicle. Plus, in this solution, car electrical repairs are offered, which are important as they act as a warning when there is something wrong on your vehicle. Based in Bradford-on-Avon, we check all features on your car for your peace of mind.

Routine Maintenance

To reassure you that your vehicle is in good working order, we offer a routine car maintenance service that is a cost-effective alternative to a full service. Also, when your car is due for another routine service, we remind you when the next one is due, so you don’t have to remember!


To deliver a dealer-level diagnostic solution for your car, our team uses a full range of manufacture diagnostic software. We use quality equipment in everything that we offer including MOTS, car servicing, and air conditioning.

Autologic ™ provides complete coverage of all the vehicle systems, and the software is continually improved and updated to enable us to handle any fault quickly and proficiently, which means:

  • No More Delays Waiting for Dealers’ Workshop
  • No More Costs for Dealers’ Services
  • Enhanced and More Cost-Effective Service Level for Our Customers

You can visit Autologic Diagnostics’ website for more details by clicking: https://autologic.com/

CONTACT our car maintenance company in Bradford-on-Avon, regarding any car electrical repairs.

Software Updates

Remapping or having your engine chipped has become a popular upgrade for many car owners in recent years. At T&A Motors Ltd, we carry out engine remaps on most vehicles, and we are fully conversant with any additional requirements to servicing that result from a remap.

Electrical Repairs

Find descriptions below of the electrical repairs that we offer.


Engine Malfunction

Cause: In all modern cars, an all-in-one engine malfunction warning lamp is installed. This is a useful and a beneficial feature to have on your car because they detect malfunctions in your car’s engine. Occasionally, the warning lamp may disappear when you turn off and restart the car, (this mostly happens after the engine management restarts). When you do encounter this problem in your car, we recommend that you take it to a mechanic as soon as possible as this will prevent further damage from occurring. If you leave the disappearing light, your engine could be severely affected, and a costly bill to repair it could be incurred.

Safe to drive? No. (Immediate Check-Up Recommended)


Airbags Malfunction

Cause: Airbags are a vital component in a car as they cushion when an accident occurs. However, airbags can be ineffective when seatbelts are not used correctly, and a consequence of this, your safety is jeopardised as the airbags cannot do their job. It is recommended that you get your car’s airbags checked.

Safe to Drive? Yes. (Immediate Check-Up Recommended)


Faulty ABS

Cause: Anti-lock braking systems are a fantastic safety device as they prevent skidding when you suddenly press your brakes. Like the previous electrical features stated above, this icon has the same appearance, but mentions ‘ABS’ instead. The car is safe to drive with this icon however, it is probable that the ABS will not function properly, and that is why we suggest taking your car to a mechanic immediately.

Safe to drive? Yes. (Immediate Check-Up Recommended)


Glow Plug Warning

Cause: The glow plug is a coil spring like icon, which indicates that your car’s glow plugs are heating up for a cold start. Please make sure to wait for this lamp to dis-illuminate before fully turning on the ignition key.

Safe to Drive? No.


Engine Oil Level

Cause: Never ignore this symbol because it informs you about your car’s engine oil level. It is suggested that you turn off your car’s engine when you notice that this icon is lit. Also, check the engine oil and pressure level, and top-up when low. But if this does not rectify the problem, and the icon still illuminates, seek prompt assistance.

Safe to Drive? Yes. (Immediate Check-Up Recommended)